Committed to make this World a better place to live in

Social Initiatives

The Beginning
As a successful business conglomerate, our responsibility extends beyond making profits and maximizing shareholder-wealth. At the Ashok Piramal Group, we firmly believe that we need to work as wholesome entities for the good of the society and for improving the quality of life of the communities we serve.

We want to create opportunities for the not-so-privileged people by empowering them to enrich their lives. All our CSR initiatives are self-sustaining models and can be easily replicated. We involve and engage not only the communities but also our employees to create sustainable models that will bring tangible changes to the society and environment.

The Piramals have been associated with social work long before the phrase Corporate Social Responsibility phrase was coined. For over 5 decades, the family has been successfully running educational institutes in Bagar in Rajasthan. The Piramals also espoused the cause of the girl child and the backward class in remote villages of Rajasthan and gave them a voice.

Piramal Seth, as he was fondly called in Bagar, started the initiative with a school for the non-touchable in a community temple to oppose the caste system. This laid the foundation for an educational campus in Bagar. Today, Bagar boasts of a higher secondary school and a B.ed college.

Taking forward the legacy, our Chairperson Mrs Urvi Piramal has drawn a vision for our CSR activities.

Our Vision
Enriching the lives of communities by empowering them to develop and execute sustainable livelihood models.

Our CSR vision stems from and is an extension of the group vision of “Touching the lives of one in five people around the globe.”

The Strategy
To ensure the interest of all stakeholders concerned, we follow the triple bottom-line approach - economic, social and environmental. Our focus areas are education, health, water conservation, sustained livelihood and environment.

The activities are carried out around our plants and factories which are located at remote areas. Our CSR approach is need-based and we involve communities in all our activities.

We assess the needs of the community by doing a through survey and understanding the needs of the communities. Based on the requirements, a detailed time-bound plan is prepared and rolled out in partnership with the community. Most of the programmes are self-sustaining and we believe in handing over the projects to the community. This not only brings greater participation from them but also gives them a sense of belonging.

Our CSR activities are carried out under the aegis of the Urvi Ashok Piramal Foundation.